How not to be a woman (Spoken word)

Don’t swear,

Don’t burp,

That’s not lady like!

How not to be a woman

How to be a woman is to design yourself based on what they expect you to be? No!

They shove their negative feedback down my throat when I couldn’t care less what they believe.

I build a moat around my ears to keep these voices out, to keep them from affecting me, because I disagree, though I pretend anyway.

Day by day, living up to what they portray in the magazines?

No, that’s not lady like!

Sit up straight,

Don’t slouch,

People don’t like that.

How not to be a woman

How to be a woman is to get up, sit down, and move around according to their directions? No!

They judge me based on my height, my size, my hair length, though that’s not how we should display ourselves.

We aren’t Barbie dolls, sitting on shelves, waiting for people to examine us and decide whether they like us or not.

We are not what most people expect us to be.

How not to be a woman is accepting that you will never be as strong as him.

How not to be a woman is to live your life based on how they want it to be.

Stand up for yourself,

Live your life the way you want,

How to be a woman.


Starry Night

Despite the darkness, the night sky shines bright. The light emitted from the stars and the moon illuminate the small town below. There is something magical about the way the sky is presented tonight; possibly the unnoticed movement that it undergoes with such grace, as if it’s flowing on a lazy river. The brightness in the night sky contradicts people’s perception of what they believe it to be, although there is something unsettling about it. The movement resembles characteristics of a destructive tornado, enveloped in warm colors to act as a disguise for the calamity that it creates.

The rolling hills that enclose the small town and the people residing within it work in cohesion with the destructively evil night sky. Night is a time when people are left alone to mend for themselves, a place where one is not accompanied by anything or anyone. The hills seclude the people in the town from the life outside, while the sky awakens the fear of being alone. Soon enough, this fear disappears and we are accustomed to this way of life. We isolate ourselves from people, not only in the loneliness of the night, but also the day.

My heart is running dry
There is no shoulder to cry
Nobody to give me any delight
I am very alone tonight.

Lonely are the souls that we left behind
A lonely cloud wanders, away from its own kind
My body fills with fright
I am very alone tonight

The sky washed away my inadequate fear
Accepting me as its own, holding me close and dear
Even my shadows desert me tonight
I am very alone tonight

So much time has passed, but no one came back
This feeling of seclusion embraces me in its hold
I bleed alone, not a soul in sight
I am very alone tonight

And I have learned to live that way.

Emulated from Sydney Carters poem ‘Lonely Night’



River Reflection


River, at first sight it seems like a beautiful sight with no meaning to it. However, when it’s analyzed upon with a naked eye it’s inner beauty is shown. I walked by a river with the sun shattering over it. It’s beauty caught my eyes. I asked myself “is it just as beautiful on the inside?” The trees swayed across the river with it’s shade. This movement abruptly grabbed my attention. The beauty of this was unseen and it’s meaning to life was unnoticed. That being said, reflecting it to my personal life was effortless. A tree grows in a variety of directions which it claims best for itself. The healthiest branch helps it to succeed it’s goal which is growing a fruit, leaves, or flowers. Similarly, the experiences in life are in various directions. However, there’s one direction which helps you succeed. When branches grow towards their goals, they are sometimes successful and sometimes hindered by an unexpected presence or event. This can be reflected to one’s life. When one strives towards their goals, they start to live a healthier and happier life, as opposed to someone who is not focused on what they want to achieve. This beauty of life can be seen within the branches of a tree. Another beauty which I discovered would be the relationship of water with the trees and rocks. With water flowing around the trees, the trees do not notice it’s presence while it runs. It is when the water runs out that the trees realize that what they had was precious. In my eyes this can be viewed as time. In life, we don’t realize how fast time passes by, until we know it’s too late. The rocks are seen as obstacles. In the river they cause obstacles for the water to flow and in life they cause obstacles for people to flow. However, at the end of the day they are one of the reasons we succeed. One of the brightest symbols which stood out the most was the sun and dark. Throughout life we face days which are bright and remember them for the laughter and happiness it brought to us. On the other hand, we also tend to remember the dark days which were full of sorrow. However, we forget the days full of sorrow are the ones which cause us to learn and lead us to the path of success. A river might seem like a beautiful sight which has no meaning to it, though, when the naked eye is wide open, it’s inner beauty is shown and reflected upon.

Adagem Poems


TRY so hard

TO fit in with everyone around them;

BE a helpful human,

A guiding hand to the one’s who can’t find the

RAINBOW after they get soaked

IN their storm of fears.

SOMEONE’S happiness could be hindered by that one

CLOUD that dims their bright day.


EVERYTHING I ever desired,

YOU have got. But I no longer

WANT that. Being trampled upon

IS destructive to the mind, body, and soul. Written

ON my heart is “No visitors please.”

THE one who was here last left his name engraved, with no

OTHER sign of his presence. The memories haunt me, still in the

SIDE of my head. I care no more

OF this relationship game.

FEAR of losing more has taken over me.


IN my mind I know you are gone. People come

EVERY now and then to see how I am. I still see your

SHADOW in the brightly lit room, making my insides numb.

THERE is not a day that you don’t cross my mind. The snore

IS silent now and to my surprise, I miss that too.

LIGHT shines down on all your pictures that are sitting

IN every room. It seems crazy that just a couple days ago I was stuck to you like glue.

EVERY night before I go to sleep, I picture you sitting in your chair, knitting. A

TEAR rolls down my cheek. I tell myself that this is not the end;

minute later I find myself up on my feet, flipping through the photos, your unique

SMILE that goes from eye to eye. Not only do I miss my grandma, but my dear friend.

IN your room, I sit on your bed, thinking now how weak your

DEATH makes me. Though I know

should be strong, for you are in a better place now. I

KNOW are still with me, just a little further. You are happier

THERE and more at ease. All you ever got here was pain, especially in your last days. Even then you

STILL only smiled. I remember your smiling face greeting me when I came home from school. It

IS now that I realize that

LIFE is not what connected us. It was

THAT strong bond between us, you and I, communicating even without words. This

LINGERS even now after you are gone and I see you in my dreams knowing that you see me too;

FOR this is a bond that can never be broken. I know that you will be watching me, almost

year from now, proud

WHILE I walk the stage towards my success, and I will look up at you and smile, knowing exactly what you would have said.

Metaphor of Me

I am like the shadow of a large tree; you come to me for ease and comfort when your emotions are burning. Even though you may not notice me, I am always there for you. You can always count on me to relieve you of your distress when something is causing your head to hurt. When you need shelter from the heavy rains of your life, I will be there for you.


I am the children’s hospital; even though I may look bright and happy on the outside, I not always am. Much like the children’s hospital, I am one to hide under my positive disguise in order to conceal any negative emotions that I may have. On the inside, I am caring and always wanting people to feel better. People feel comfortable coming to me when they are broken and need someone to stitch them up. I am always there for people when they need ease after some hurt or pain.My disguise may fool some people that are new to me but others see right through it. I am the children’s hospital in a way that I make people feel better when they are in need.

I am like sour skittles; I have a hard shell coating covered in sourness, though I am soft and sweet on the inside. My hard shell acts as my guard and prevents others from hurting me. Though I am not like that throughout, my initial sour taste is present because people tend to take advantage of me. The people who are truly there for me realize that I am not actually like that and they see how I am on the inside. My bright and colorful image is a representation of my personality. I am a favorite of many, but some do not like me due to my sourness.


I am like a book; Sometimes I may be complex and difficult to understand but other times I present myself in a simple manner. Some people understand me more than others and find it easier to relate to me. Like everything else in this world, there are some people that do not like me. Some people come to me to get their mind off of their busy lives while others try their best to avoid me. I come in many forms; I may cause tears, laughter, happiness, or sorrow. Each one of my pages is a brand new day in my life and each chapter is a new event. At the end, I wish to be remembered by anyone who was associated with or impacted by me.

open book

Locked out of Heaven



I sit on the bench, facing the flowing river, on a sunny mid-summer day. The sun is shining bright. I look around at the smiling faces and nothing changes the way I’m feeling. I stare at the rapid rushing river with my mind empty of thoughts. I feel a presence next to me and look to my left to see a petite woman sitting next to me.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, but are you okay? I have been observing you for the past 40 minutes and you looked like you could use some help.” She said in a thin voice.

Had it really been forty minutes? I didn’t realize I was sitting here for so long. I look at her and reply with a question of my own. “Have you ever seen a pet bird in its cage?”

“I’m sorry?” she looked confused.

“A caged bird.” I respond.

“Um… Yes I have. Why do you ask?”

“Aren’t they absolutely stunning? The way they are encased in their cages. They are truly happy that way.” My anger starts to rise again. I notice her looking at my hands and I know exactly what she is wondering. “These rubber gloves make me feel pure. They make me feel clean. It is my way of running away from the truth.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, what exactly are you running away from?” she asks me.

“The reality of my caged bird.” I respond in an instant. I can tell she is not understanding what I am saying and she has more questions in mind but she is hesitant to ask them. I turn my head back to face the river and get lost in the emptiness of thoughts once again. As I am sitting there, I feel her eyes fixated on my gloved hands and I make a decision. Still staring at the river, I slowly start to slide the gloves off my hands. When the gloves are off, revealing my red, crusty hands, she gasps. I know there is no need for an explanation but I give one anyway. “I just killed my girlfriend because she was sleeping with another guy.”


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Symbolism of Life Journey



I wake from my dreamless slumber and find myself laying in a soundless rain forest. Tall green trees tower over my head, letting no sunlight pass through the canopy that acts like an umbrella for me. As I make my way up on my feet, I realize how small I am compared to the large trees. I look at my surroundings and notice a stream flowing far to my right; making no noise at all. The silence of the forest is comforting in the way it feels. I try to think back on how I got here but my mind is a blur. I look towards the stream and walk to it. Once there, I bend down to touch it with my fingers. It does not feel like water, yet it is as clear as a natural spring. Once again, the silence gets to me and I find myself enjoying this state of calm. There is something different about this forest and this feeling, but I can’t figure out exactly what it is. I walk away from the stream to explore more of what is in this majestic forest. From the corner of my eye, I notice something glistening in the only little bit of sunshine seeping through the trees. I walk over to it and there, perched on a rock, is a golden key. I pick up the key to closely examine its articulate design and it is absolutely beautiful. I put the key back down in an effort to not change the way everything is in this forest and move on. As I am walking, I come across a beautiful, also silent, waterfall. It is not a rapid waterfall. The fall is smooth and dreamlike; like the way a dancer dances, light on their feet. I notice a path that leads behind the waterfall and start to follow it. As I get closer and closer behind the fall, I notice myself getting further from the forest. Once at the end of the path, I realize I am no longer in my majestic forest, but standing in front of a large house in the middle of a vast flatland. I look up to see my two angels waiting for me. I raise my arms as a gesture to tell them that I am ready; ready to be lifted up to the heavens. That is when I know my current journey is over, and I prepare myself for what is yet to come.

About Me




Hey, my name is Armeen and I live a SUPER exciting life! Jokes, it’s about as exciting as an eraser… but I try to make the best out of each day because you never know when it might be your last! “There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.” So since this is an about me page, I guess I should share some of my likes and dislikes.


  • People
  • Kids
  • Fruits
  • Junk food
  • Talking
  • Music
  • One Direction

And many more!



I’m a very loving person 🙂

Reading Ladder

Armeen’s Reading Ladder: June 2014 – September 2014

  1. Gone by Michael Grant, 576 pages
  2. Along for the ride by Sarah Dessen, 383 pages
  3. The kite runner by Khaled Hosseini, 371 pages
  4. The fault in our stars by John Greene, 313 pages
  5. The notebook by Nicholas Sparks, 239 pages
  6. A thousand splendid suns – currently reading, on page 30

Total pages read: 1912

1912 pages/16 weeks = 119.5 pages read per week

Gone is a book that I picked up while in Toronto for the summer just to add some reading and productivity to the lazy days. I found it interesting how at the beginning of each chapter, there was a countdown of days. That intrigued me and when I wasn’t reading the book, I tried to figure out what the countdown was for. A little into the book, I had an idea what the countdown was about and that made me all the more interested to continue reading.

Along for the ride was my all-time favorite a few years back and I decided to read it again this summer. It is an easy read and great for the summer because that is the season this book takes place in. I enjoy Sarah Dessen’s writing because it is easy to understand which is great when you are in a relaxing mood.

The kite runner was my first Khaled Hosseini book and I fell in love from the first time I read it. I decided to read it again over the summer and still got chills even though I knew what was about to happen. I love this book because each chapter has something interesting that captures the reader’s attention. There was never a dull moment in this book.

I read the fault in our stars because I am into the romance genre and I thought it was a beautiful book. I had heard lots about this book and wanted to read it before I watched the movie. I have always loved books in the romance genre and this book just adds to the reason why.

The Notebook was a book I picked up in creative writing class and I loved every bit of it. I had been wanting to read this book for a long time but never got the chance. Once I saw it in class, I didn’t hesitate to start reading it. I loved the concept of endless love in this book. I had known that The Notebook was a great book, but even then it surpassed all my expectations.